The Clipboard development team is releasing improvements to the Clipboard product on a daily basis. An important part of this process is receiving feature requests, but please bear in mind that there is a due process these requests need to go through to ensure equity to all users of Clipboard, including yourselves.

What is a Feature Request?

A feature request is a request for new functionality that is not yet in Clipboard.

This is opposed to bugs which is when something that is already built isn't working as it's supposed to.

Our Process and Criteria for Feature Requests

We receive a lot of feature requests (sometimes 100s per month), so we have a process in place to make sure we prioritise the most valuable things to build.

Our number one guiding principle is:

Build the features that provide the greatest benefit to the largest number of schools.

The Process

  1. Feature request is made by a customer.

  2. Clipboard acknowledge it has been received.

  3. At this point, if the feature already exists, Clipboard will point the customer in the right direction.

  4. If it doesn't yet exist, Clipboard will immediately lodge the request in our product feedback management system, where all feature requests are processed. This system is monitored weekly by the Clipboard development team.

  5. The product feedback management system tallies up over time the number of requests made by different schools.

  6. The Clipboard development team operates in fortnightly "sprints". Each fortnight new features, bug fixes and tasks are selected from "the top of the pile" to work on.

What You're Entitled to as a Clipboard Customer

As a Clipboard customer, you are very much entitled to making feature requests. As mentioned above, we love and value receiving feature requests, and they play a very important part in improving Clipboard over time.

Please, however, be polite and understanding in providing us with feature requests. Our team takes on board all feature requests, and not a single feature request is discarded.

Clipboard usually cannot provide timelines on implementing feature requests. Where possible, they will be provided, but a feature request may simply not be able to have a timeline associated with it for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Not enough schools may have requested the feature yet

  • The feature may have uncertain difficulty to build

  • More urgent features may arise during a proposed timeline that require development attention being diverted

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a feature request?

You can make a feature request in one of two ways:

  1. Visiting the Clipboard Product Portal and clicking the blue plus button to suggest a feature. You can also vote on features that have already been suggested by customers here. As mentioned above, the more schools interested in a feature means the more likely it will be built sooner.

  2. Clicking the help button in the App and following the relevant steps.

What detail should I provide?

The more detail the better. This means the Clipboard development team doesn't need to involve guesswork in interpreting what you're suggesting.

Why can't this be built immediately?

We receive 100s of feature requests a month and are shipping improvements to the Clipboard product on a daily basis. Please make sure you read the feature request process section above.

I'd like a meeting to discuss this feature request being built ASAP

Any feature request must go through the due process at Clipboard. In order to pursue building functionality:

  • There must be sufficient demand amongst multiple schools

  • The Clipboard development team must have bandwidth/capacity (note that the team works on pre-planned functionality to ensure a high standard of quality)

Additional meetings are usually not the most constructive way of pushing features through the process mentioned above. The one exception to this is when the Clipboard development team is researching what needs a proposed feature would address, and how it could look.

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